Dame nature

Our best friend hasn't spoiled us in recent years.

Drought in 2016, black frost and drought in 2017 and mildew in 2018... The list is growing as we only dream of a good harvest, of a “normal” year.

Mildew, enemy No. 1 of the winegrower, is a cursed fungus, killer of leaves and grapes, which breaks out in spring when humidity and heat come together.

It was particularly virulent this year, throughout the southern part of France and our Languedoc was particularly affected. We organic winegrowers have been martyred. The organic treatments that we use are generally less protective than synthetic systemic pesticide treatments, especially, as was the case in this exceptional year, when mildew pressure is so strong. Certain varieties have been seriously affected: Grenaches, Carignans, Cinsaults have suffered greatly and crop losses vary, depending on the plot, from 20 to 80%.

Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cabernets held up better.

When people ask me: “so this harvest?” », my response is more than mixed.

If the juices are excellent with perfect health of the grapes and harvests under a violent sun and exceptional temperatures (not a drop of water from mid-August to the end of September!), the volumes are not there and we should finish our vinifications with a loss of around 35% compared to an average year. It is heavy. Especially after two bad years.

And worrying, with our sales soaring, the price of the growing success of our wines.

Fingers crossed, touch wood and dance naked under the full moon: the next harvest must absolutely be that of a “normal” year. Question: what becomes of “normality” when we see year after year the disruption of our climate? Are even crazier years ahead of us? This is to be feared!

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