Our Yin Yang traces its path !


Created in 2009 and marketed from 2010, this atypical wine quickly met with great success. Its strange and minimalist label, shocking for some (certain wine merchants who liked the wine but not its label, told us to present this wine on the shelves by highlighting the back label... and behind its label!), but attractive to the majority because it is so different from classic labels, certainly has part of this success.
But content is largely the key! This wine pleases. Is it flattering?
We see it all the time in our sales cellar. Few visitors leave without a few bottles of Yin Yang. Building on this success, this year we are launching a new Yin Yang, this time rosé. Similar label but with a different color code and a transparent bottle to fully appreciate its beautiful color. The range is expanding! Try it! It's really good!

Low in alcohol, this blend of Grenache, Carignan and Aramon is bright on the nose and on the palate. Let's wish it the same success as its big red brother, in Europe and across the Atlantic!

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Situé au coeur de cette vallée, au pied des Grottes des Demoiselles (site exceptionnel classé 3 étoiles) le Domaine de Sauzet est une des plus anciennes propriétés de la région, pionnière de la culture de la vigne et de la vinification en chais particulier.

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