At Domaine de Sauzet, we believe in recycle:
an commitment to the environment


Even better than recycling : Le réemploi !

Recycling glass is an eco-responsible approach, but it is much more energy, water, and CO2 intensive than reuse. With Oc'Consigne, we commit to designing packaging and labels with water-soluble glue suitable for glass reuse. This initiative aims to make the reuse process more efficient and environmentally friendly.
Oc'Consigne takes care of collecting glass packaging from partners who are « voluntary » collection points. The bottles are then washed using renewable energy sources and are ready to be reused.

How does it work ?

Le Réemploi is a new way to keep glass bottles alive, preserving them so that they can serve as containers multiple times !

1. Look for this logo on the back label of the bottle

2. Store the bottle in a safe place

3. Return the bottle to a collection point

be a part of it

You can be a part of Le réemploi too !
At Domaine de Sauzet we are doubly involved: our wines are packaged in bottles designed for le réemploi and we have also collect point.

You can bring us all your bottles recorded (even those of our partners !)
You too can become an actor in reuse !

A video that explains all the details :
Le réemploi : an eco-responsible approach

Are you an individual ?

Don't wait any longer to return your bottles to the collection points near you.

Are you a producer and would you like to switch to Le Réemploi ?


Find a participatory collection

Visit the site FRANCE CONSIGNE sur to know the major players of Le réemploi.
Find here a list of the main players of Le réemploi.
Click on a collection point to find out their procedure.


Est Occitanie

L' Incassable

Marseille Provence


Nouvelle Aquitaine

Bout' à Bout'

Pays de la Loire




Ouest Occitanie

La consigne de Provence



Lyon et St Etienne

Alpes Consigne

Isère et Pays de la Savoie

Alsace Consigne


J'aime mes bouteilles

Franche Comté - Bourgogne

Haut la Consigne

Pas de Calais - Nord

IDF réseau consigne

Île de France


Toute la France

Le Fourgon

"Presque" Toute la France

Contact OC'CONSIGNE, our partner, who since 2018, has been an active player in the deposit network

For more informations about Le réemploi, contact Nicolas


Partners and communities

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